Exercises and staying active is all you need to stay fit and healthy during your pregnancy. Most of your pain and aches are reduced if you lace up your sneakers and start exercising keeping in mind a few guidelines. The best way to determine the intensity of your exercise is the talk test. If you are uncomfortable in conversation during exercise, reduce your intensity.It is recommended that preggers, with a low risk pregnancy can engage in moderate intensity exercise for 30 minutes a day, 4 times/week.  Any exercise that has a low risk of falling, injury and joint and ligament damage can be performed.

Here I am listing 5 simple and easy exercises for pregnant women 

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  • Warm Up and Walking

Warm up is the first step during any exercise . Stretching is to be done very carefully in the first trimester as women are extremely flexible because of hormones released for preparation of childbirth.  Walking keeps you moving and staying fit and maintaining your body weight and also helps you to be back in shape after delivery. Staying active keeps you energetic and also avoids unnecessary complications in your pregnancy. It keeps your pain and aches away. 

  • Plié 

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Steps to perform pliès are:

  1. Stand parallel to the back of a chair 
  2. Keep your hand on the chair, feet parallel and hip-distance apart.
  3. With your toes and knees turned out to 45 degrees, pull your belly button up and in. 
  4. Knees bended , lowering your torso as low as possible while keeping your back straight. 
  5. With legs straight to return to the starting position. Repeat for reps.

It is an easy exercise that improves your balance and maintains quadriceps, butt and hamstrings.

  • Side-lining inner and outer thigh

This exercise is to strengthen your core and inner thighs.

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  1. Lie on your left side, keep your head on your forearm
  2. Keep your left leg bent at 45 degree angles and your right leg straight 
  3. Take support from your opposite arm and lift your right leg to your hip height and repeat.
  4. Bend your right knees and rest it on top of pillows for rest.
  5. Switch to the opposite side and repeat.
  • Weight training

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Light to moderate weight lifting can be done by preggers who are already into gyms and weight lifting. But the women who have never engaged in weight training should not begin doing it after they have conceived. Weight training helps you to be flexible and strong during pregnancy.

  • Plank

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Planks help you strengthen your core, back and arms but it is advised to have low to moderate intensity exercises and when it comes to planks, working for 5 breaths is sufficient. There are different types of planks that are useful in weight loss but it should not be done for long time during pregnancy.



 Exercises like heavy weight lifting, performing yoga in difficult positions, lying on stomach ,sports like basketball, hockey, scuba and many more high intensity exercises should be avoided during pregnancy. You can keep moving and stay active with less difficult exercise. Your doctor can help you with general workout guidelines during pregnancy. Enjoy your pregnancy staying alert and active ! Book your appointment from Dr Chetna Jain ,  she is the best pregnancy doctor in Gurgaon.


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