If you are looking out for the delivery options and not wanting the clinical atmosphere of a hospital or the delivery at your home, then a baby born centre or the birthing centre would be a good option for you. A birthing centre has trained healthcare professionals with minimum medical interruptions and comfort like home; in other words, it has the best of both of the worlds. The baby born centre performs scheduled cesarean delivery when there is some health issue with the mother and the unscheduled cesarean delivery is delivered when there is some sudden complication that arose during the pregnancy or labour.
We have every information that you might need to make your choice easier for selecting a baby born centre

What is a baby born centre?

A baby born centre is a home-like place, equipped with low-tech birthing options for the women who wish to experience natural childbirth. In general, the birthing centres are independent facilities, but these can also be adjacent to a hospital or within it.
The midwives are the primary caregivers in these facilities. Apart from offering a comfortable place for delivering a baby, these facilities offer many other services such as well-women exams, counselling on preconception, prenatal care, childbirth education, how to breastfeed your child, postpartum care and support.


baby born centre

At the baby born centre, midwives are the one who looks after the care part of the patients. They collaborate and consult with obstetrician-gynaecologists (OB-GYN), paediatricians and other healthcare professionals as per the need. Delivery experience in a birthing centre is entirely different from the hospitals.
The labour rooms in a hospital don’t look like more than a procedure room; on the other hand, the labour rooms in a birthing centre are more stylish and appealing. Also, the delivery procedures are not routine like hospitals.

Benefits of birthing centres

  • Cosy and comfortable environment: A birthing centre has the most of the facilities to make your stay comfortable, which includes soft lighting, double or queen-sized beds, televisions, couches. Also, some of the birth centres allow you to personalize the rooms with pictures and lighting candles.
  • Privacy: Birthing always offers the private rooms to the expected mother (depending on your insurance cover). This way, you have greater intimacy than hospitals.
  • Freedom: You have more freedom to move around to stay active, wear the clothes of your choice, whereas, you will have limited movements in the hospital and there will be restrictions on your food too.
  • Families stay together: In hospitals, the babies are taken to the different rooms for the checkup. In birthing centres, the babies won’t be born away from you unless there is an emergency. Babies preventive checkup or first bath, everything happens in the same room.
  • A shorter stay: A shorter recovery time is involved in the birthing centres since there are fewer medications, and medical intervention is required.
  • Reduced risk of cesarean surgery: The birthing centres focus on vagianal birth (natural birth) of a child. Hence, the chances of cesarean surgeries are very less.
  • No epidural: Most of the birthing facilities avoid the usage of epidurals. Instead, they use alternative pain relief options such as breathing exercises, hydrotherapy, massage, etc.
  • Scheduled induction: Birthing centre also offers the scheduling of the installation. In case if you are planning for it, then you need to wait at least for the 39 weeks of pregnancy.
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