Choosing A Contraceptive Method That’s Right For You

Nearly 70-80% of pregnancies in India are unplanned. And it’s easy to delay your pregnancy and live the life you want by using contraceptive methods. There are several contraceptives available, some you might have heard about and a few you have tried. Finding the best contraceptives help you maintain your lifestyle and also avoids unnecessary abortions. Contraception is divided into two sections, first is contraceptives for birth control, and another one is contraception to prevent pregnancy and STDs. After discussing and knowing the details with your gynaecologist, you need to figure out the right contraceptive method for you. With so many in stock, you must be wondering which one should you go for, and what should you keep in your mind? Here I am discussing the different contraceptive methods that can be right for you.

  • Short-acting Hormonal Contraceptive Method

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Hormonal birth control involves altering estrogen and progestin levels in pregnancy. Standard methods include birth control pills you take every day, a vaginal ring you change every month. They are 91% to 95% effective at preventing pregnancy. But the beneficial side effects can be decreased period pain, less bleeding.

  • Long-term Contraceptive Method

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They are more effective and the right choice if you want long term pregnancy prevention. It doesn’t need much maintenance and is 99% effective in preventing pregnancy. Intrauterine devices, Implants, copper Ts, are the long term contraception. They can work for 3-10years once placed. You may experience a little discomfort when your device is put in place, and some people can share a few temporary or (less commonly) ongoing side effects such as weight gain, headaches and soreness

  • One-time Barrier Contraceptive Method

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Female and male sex products like condoms, sponges, diaphragms, cervical caps and spermicide come under one -time barrier.  They are 71-88%  effective in preventing pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. You can use these while you are having sex, and you need to place it properly to avoid any chances of conception.

  • Permanent Contraceptive Method

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Tubectomy, vasectomy is a permanent method to prevent conception. In this fallopian tubes or gas deferens are surgically cut and tied to avoid conception. Recovery time from these procedures usually takes only a few days. Your (and your partner’s) sexual function won’t be impacted, and if you choose tubal ligation, you’ll still get your period. It is 100% effective.

  • Emergency Contraceptive Method

Contraceptive Method

If you had unprotected sex or without using any birth control, you could use emergency contraceptive pills or copper IUDs to prevent conceiving. The medications can be taken within 72 hours to 5 days if having sex. The copper Ts are 100% effective in preventing contraceptives.


There are several methods to prevent pregnancy, and it depends on you which one is the best option. It depends on lifestyle, your sexual activeness, age, health and what you are planning for shortly. It is not necessary that what’s suitable for your friend, or relative will be the best for you. So you must talk to your doctor and act wisely. You can visit Dr Chetna Jain, the best pregnancy doctor in Gurgaon and get counselling and advice for choosing the best contraception method.

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