After nine months of pregnancy, a woman delivers a baby, which is the end of pregnancy. In this process, a baby leaves the uterus either by passing through the vagina or cesarean procedure. Vaginal delivery is the most common and the natural way of childbirth, however, in the case of the complication that cesarean procedure is performed. Assisted vaginal deliveries (vacuum delivery/ forceps delivery) are also non-cesarean; however, if any of the vaginal delivery procedures fail, then the doctor has to perform a cesarean procedure for the delivery.

Painless delivery

Vaginal Delivery

The baby is born through the vagina, also known as the birth canal. It is a natural process of childbirth. There are two different types of vaginal deliveries.

  • Spontaneous vaginal delivery: When a woman undergoes labor without the usage of any drugs or labor-inducing techniques and naturally deliver a baby.
  • Induced vaginal delivery: When a woman does not have labor pain, then the doctor uses manual techniques and drugs to initiate the labor process.

Benefits of vaginal delivery

  • Your baby will receive the good bacteria
  • You would be able to squeeze the fluids out of your baby’s lungs
  • The hospital stay is shorter than the other methods
  • You will have a faster recovery
  • You can breastfeed your baby
  • There are no risks of significant surgeries
  • Lower chances of complication for your future pregnancies
  • There are lesser chances of childhood asthma and obesity
  • Cost-effective than other types of pregnancies

Painless deliveries

Painless deliveries is childbirth performed with the use of epidural anesthesia. An epidural a dose of anesthesia that is injected for the pain relief while going through labors. The epidural injections are safe for the mother and babies.

Benefits of painless delivery

  • You can control the pain which results in exhaustion and irritation.
  • It relaxes you during the labor.
  • Aid in refocusing on labor.

Vacuum delivery

It is a vacuum extraction of the baby during labor. When you are pushing, but there is no progress with the labor or your baby’s heartbeat reflects some problem, or you have a health issue, A suction cup is placed on the baby’s head and helps the baby come off the birth canal/ vagina.

Forceps delivery

It is an assisted vaginal delivery. When you are pushing, but labor is not progressing, your baby’s heartbeat reflects some problem, or you have a health issue, your doctor might recommend you to go through a forceps delivery. It is shaped liked a pair of large spoons, used on the baby’s head, and helps the baby to come out of the birth canal or vagina.

Cesarean delivery

A cesarean delivery is a surgical delivery of the baby, which is also known as C-section or cesarean section. When there is some issue with the natural/ vaginal birth, or there is a risk threat to a mother or a child, the doctor performs the cesarean delivery.

Reasons for cesarean delivery

  • Growth issues with baby
  • Baby’s head is too big for the vaginal exit.
  • Breech birth (baby’s feet come out first)
  • Early pregnancy complications
  • Mother’s health issues (high blood pressure, heart disease, etc.)
  • When you had last delivery as cesarean delivery
  • Reduction in oxygen supply to the baby

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