Prenatal Massages For The Expectant Mother!

Pregnancy is a beautiful time where it is essential for mothers-to-be to care for and nourish both themselves and the child in their womb. It is therefore essential for women to prioritize their comfort and relaxation over anything else. For this purpose, many women opt for prenatal massages, which can make a world of difference for the expectant mother.

Why Are Prenatal Massages Required?

While one is pregnant, it is natural for their bodies to make compensation for the child they are carrying. This means that more weight is being carried in the lower back and the shoulders in order to support the stomach. Consequently, more weight is put on the legs and feet. When this weight begins to take its toll, many people begin to experience aches and pains, which may also be accompanied with swelling of hands, legs and the feet. In this case, a prenatal massage will help relieve soreness and reduce swelling. Along with this, prenatal massages have several other benefits, such as: 

  • Some women experience insomnia at some point throughout their pregnancy. A prenatal massage can help you avoid this. 
  • Massages help you relax and also release endorphins in the body. These help relieve anxiety and depression, which are common in pregnant women. 
  • Massages also help increase the elimination of toxins in the body through the lymphatic system. 
  • A good massage can also help boost the natural immune system of the body, keeping both the baby and the expectant mother healthier. 
  • Prenatal massages can help relieve tiredness and fatigue which are common during pregnancy. 
  • These help improve blood circulation and keep the blood pressure at a normal level. 

How Is A Prenatal Massage Performed? 

  • The massage is performed with the woman laying on her side, as after 22 weeks, she must not lay on her stomach. 
  • A pillow is positioned under the head and in between the legs for comfort and for proper alignment of the body. 
  • A medium to light pressure should be applied throughout. 
  • The focus areas are the lower back, head, feet, and legs, but it also depends on where the woman is holding her weight during pregnancy. 

Who Can Perform A Prenatal Massage? 

Prenatal massages are different, as they are specific to expectant mothers, and it is essential that they are conducted in the right manner to avoid any discomfort or danger to the expectant mother and the baby. There are certain oils which cannot be used during a prenatal massage, and certain pressure points which must be avoided. Thus, a prenatal massage should be taken only from a trained specialist.

What To Expect After The Massage? 

You will be fully satiated after your prenatal massage as it will provide you a feeling of comfort and deep relaxation due to the touch therapy. You may also feel lighter and a little sleepy as the atmosphere set during the massage eases your senses. 

Every woman must consult with her gynecologist before opting for a prenatal massage to ensure the safety of themselves and their babies. The journey of motherhood is a beautiful one, and Dr. Chetna Jain, the best gynecologist doctor in Gurgaon, always strives to ensure maximum comfort for her patients and the babies in their womb. She offers the best advice and prioritizes the well-being of all her patients throughout the course of pregnancy and even after that. 

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