Sexual dysfunction is also known as a sexual issue, it is a problem that prevents you from experiencing or enjoying sexual activity. Sexual dysfunction can happen anytime to a man or a woman, however, the chances increase with the age.
Sexual dysfunction is a common issue in today’s world, however, many people are still hesitant to discuss this topic. Sexual problems are treatable in most of the cases, hence, it is important for you to share your concern with the doctor.

What are the causes of sexual dysfunction?
  • Physical causes: There are multiple physical or medical conditions that can cause sexual problems. Conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, hormonal imbalances, neurological diseases, alcohol, and drug abuse. In addition to this, certain drugs such as anti-depression have their side effects.
  • Psychological causes: Stress and anxiety affect your sexual desire or performance, depression, guilt feeling, etc. are the type of psychological causes for sexual dysfunction.
Who is affected by sexual problems?

Both men and women can have sexual problems. Sexual issues occur in adults of any age, however, it is commonly found in older adults, as the sex drive declines with age.

Effects of sexual dysfunction in women
    • Declining sexual desire – It involves a lack of sexual desire or interest in sex. There are multiple factors that cause inhibition in sexual desire, which include hormonal changes, medical conditions, cancer treatments, stress, depression, and others. Lifestyle factors, boredom with regular sexual routine also contribute to declining your sexual desire.
    • Inability to get aroused – Insufficient vaginal lubrication obstructs women to get physically aroused during sexual activities. Improper stimulation or anxiety may be the reason for the same.
    • Lack of orgasm – The lack of climax in your sexual activities often leads you to sexual dysfunction. Declining sexual desire, lack of knowledge and psychological factors can cause a lack of orgasm.
    • Pain during intercourse – You can experience painful intercourse and it can be caused by multiple issues such as endometriosis, pelvic mass, ovarian cysts, inadequate lubrication, sexually transmitted infections (STI).
Diagnosis of sexual dysfunction in women

The doctor starts with the physical examination based on your symptoms of sexual issues. They can also perform tests like pelvic exam and pap smear test to check the health of the reproductive organs and to detect any changes in the cervix cells. Depending on your medical situation the doctor may perform some other tests as well.

Treatment of sexual dysfunction in women

The treatment of sexual dysfunction in women depends on a team effort between women and doctors. The sexual problems can be treated with physical and psychological problems, and the healthy practices while having intercourse. There are other treatment options such as:

    • Counseling: Education on sexual functionality, changes with the aging, behaviors and appropriate responses may help a woman to understand and overcome her sexual problems
    • Enhancing stimulation: The use of erotic materials (books and videos), masturbation and changes in your sexual routines can enhance your stimulation.
    • Distraction techniques: Get involved in the activities such as T.V. music, videos can help you with the relaxation and helps to reduce your anxiety.
    • Involvement of non-coital behaviors: These are physical stimulation activities (excluding intercourse) such as sensual massage.
    • Inclusion of lower pain techniques: The use of sexual positions during intercourse that allows pain relief to the women or the use of lubrication can help with reduction of pain caused by friction.

Author: Dr. Chetna Jain

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