Tips For Happy and Safe Periods!

Okay girls.. we all know that periods are awful and deadly like a nightmare. The cramps, fatigue, mood swings make periods the worst thing of the month. Some women have painless periods and a few experience difficult ones . But then period plays a crucial role in your life, so it is important to make it happy and safe and easy to be dealt with. There are many things that you can change, from lifestyle to diet for a happy and healthy period. 

Here I am suggesting a few tips for happy and safe periods!

                                                              Eat well

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Eating a healthy and nutritious meal is very important for painless periods.  Vitamin and mineral rich food , fresh fruits, magnesium rich food, calcium , green veggies are good for you when you are menstruating. Salt intake should be minimised because it causes bloating and minimise water retention. Try to avoid a heavy non veg diet, oily or spicy food that causes inflammation.

Use correct sanitary pad


Choosing the correct sanitary pads are must. Comfortable sanitary pads prevent rashes and itching. You can choose tampons or moon cups as an alternative. For women who use clothes , using pads are must when you are on periods to avoid infections. Maintain your hygiene and change pads after every 3-4 hours to prevent infections.

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Maintain your bowel movement

Constipation, bloating or abnormal bowel movement is a major concern during periods. So it is important to keep your stomach happy by opting for warm  and cooked foods, having lots of probiotics and fibers, and eating easily digestible foods. Include healthy fats for easy peristalsis movement of food in the small intestine.

Watch out your symptoms and manage the pain

Irregularities in your periods, painful periods ,heavy or less bleeding can be reasons for concern. So watch out your symptoms and visit your gynaecologist accordingly. You can manage your pain by changing your sleeping position like sleeping in foetal position or applying heat . You can also go for magnesium supplements as it acts as muscle relaxers and calms down your cramps. If the pain is uncomfortable you can take antispasmodic medicines to get relief.

Stay hydratedtop 10 gynecologist in gurgaon

Staying hydrated is a rule of thumb to avoid many problems. It maintains your bowel movement, prevents bloating and promotes water retention. It also maintains blood flow to the pelvic region that helps to control pelvic cramps.


Staying positive and relaxing are important when you are on your periods . You need to cheer up and keep moving and feel happy that is the best way to have happy and safe periods. In case of any emergency, don’t shy away to visit your gynaecologist. Dr Chetna Jain is the top gynaecologist in Gurgaon. Book your appointment now for any kind of period issues.


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