Tips for Pregnant Women on Covid

Tips for Pregnant Women on Covid

When a woman finds she is pregnant, her world is turned completely.  Once she learns the good news, every action and decision she takes will be for the baby’s benefit and well-being. Congratulations on your joyous trip, if you are a soon-to-be mother. However, as the coronavirus infection spreads, it is normal to feel stressed and restless. However, stress will not make things better; instead, it will damage your wellbeing. You must prioritise your mental and physical health in this situation. Here are some pregnancy health care tips from the best gynecologist in Gurgaon near me.

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Eat a healthy diet.

Pregnancy necessitates the consumption of nutritious foods on a regular basis. Rather than satisfying your taste buds, eat to meet the needs of your body and infant. If you eat delicious yet unhealthy foods, your health will suffer and you will experience a variety of side effects such as constipation, bloating, nausea, digestive problems, and more. Consult the doctor on a meal plan that includes what to eat and what not to eat. Also, don’t be alarmed by misconceptions passed down from generation to generation.

Be Active

Being active during pregnancy can increase your body’s metabolism, resulting in a healthy child. It is a time to stay at home, but that does not mean you can sit in the same spot and relax. You can walk around your house, stretch, or sway to your favourite song. Whatever you do, keep it light and active during the day. Being involved will help your baby bond with his or her surroundings and will keep stress at bay.

Discover Relaxation Techniques

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No matter what you do, the rise in the number of cases will instil fear and tension in your heart. But don’t get too worked up about it. Find ways to relax so that your baby can relax as well. You should try yoga or meditation in the morning, according to the best gynaecologist in sector 15 Gurgaon. Yoga and meditation, in addition to being excellent mood elevators, have a number of health benefits. It improves blood supply to the brain and other organs. It also generates a flow of positive energy, which leads to the release of hormones and the reduction of stress.


Spend Time With Family and Friends

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Family is a medication that nothing else can substitute. Chatting with loved ones will relieve tension and put you in a good mood. If you are content, your child will be happy and safe.




Rest Well

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Getting enough sleep during pregnancy is just as vital as staying active and consuming nutritious foods. Make sure you get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. A certain location is said to improve blood flow to the infant. Consult your doctor at the best gynecologist in Gurgaon sector 14 for the proper postures.




Exercise on a regular basis

If you become pregnant, you do not have to stop exercising entirely. Inquire with your doctor about the best IVF clinic activities you can perform. Avoid strenuous exercises and long distance running.

Boost Your Immunity

Immunity is the weapon of choice in the war against Covid-19. Consume foods that boost your immunity naturally. Take vitamin supplements in addition to this to keep the immunity at a high level. Follow the government’s social distancing guidelines. Don’t leave the house unless it’s an emergency. For routine checkups, consult Dr. Chetna Jain who is the best online consultation with gynecologist in Gurgaon on the best time to visit and take all necessary precautions.

Author: Dr. Chetna Jain

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