First / second / third trimester Pregnancy checklists

Joy, excitement, anticipation, and worry are just a few of the emotions you may feel if you’ve just discovered you’re pregnant. It’s an exciting moment, but it can also be exhausting. You’ll need a pregnancy checklists to keep organised! For high risk pregnancy doctors in Gurgaon and ladies specialist doctors in Gurgaon book your appointment with Dr. Chetna Jain. She is the top  gynecologist in Gurgaon sector 14 who provides best pregnancy care and treatment.

Pregnancy Checklists for the First Trimester

Most people won’t even know you’re pregnant throughout your first trimester, save from that particular pregnancy glow. However, you will!

First and foremost, you will most likely be exhausted. This is related to hormonal changes, reduced blood sugar and blood pressure, and the emotional roller coaster that comes with knowing you’re carrying a child!

Morning sickness is another typical symptom in the first trimester. The good news is that it normally subsides towards the end of this trimester. Last but not least, your breasts will expand and maybe become sensitive.

The first trimester of a pregnancy is often the most exciting moment, particularly if it’s your first child. There’s a huge task list to do, but it’s absolutely doable! Here’s a checklist for the first three months to get you started.

1st month

Make an appointment with your Gynecologist to confirm your pregnancy and ensure that everything is okay.

Make changes to your diet. You’ll need nourishment for two now, so load up on fruits and veggies. Don’t forget to drink lots of water!

You should stop smoking and consuming alcohol.

Regular exercise is essential. You don’t have to do anything severe, but you should get some gentle exercise at least three times a week.

Consider taking folic acid supplements. They have been shown to significantly lessen the chance of some birth abnormalities.

Rest! Remember that you will be weary in the early weeks of your pregnancy, so get lots of rest whenever possible. It’s okay if you’re not as productive as you once were!

If you get morning sickness, try using ginger to relax your stomach and eating small, frequent meals.

Month 2

Plan your prenatal testing. This is a must-have item on your pregnancy checklist! Because doctors are in high demand, it is essential to schedule appointments in advance. Consult your doctor to choose the best prenatal test schedule for you.

Spend time with your spouse! This is critical, yet it’s easy to ignore. Make sure you’re spending enough time alone with your spouse. It may be difficult to find time to be intimate with your loved one after your baby comes.

Choose where and how you want to give birth. You may prefer to have your baby at a hospital with an Obstetrician.

Month 3

Schedule an appointment with your dentist. Pregnant women are more prone to irritated gums and gingivitis, so it’s important to see your dentist for a cleaning and examination.

Consider taking birthing courses. When you go into labour, these lessons may be really beneficial. However, plan ahead of time since they tend to fill up fast.

Purchase supportive bras that suit your changing, delicate breasts. Even if your tummy isn’t large enough to warrant maternity wear, your breasts may have gotten large enough to warrant a bra size increase!

Pregnancy Checklists for the Second Trimester

The second trimester starts officially in the 14th week of pregnancy. The fantastic thing about your second trimester is that you’ll have more energy and have less morning sickness. That’s why now is a fantastic time to cross a lot of items off your pregnant to-do list!

4th month

Declare the wonderful news! Your friends and relatives will be pleased to learn that you are expecting a child.

Begin looking for pregnancy outfits. After the fourth month, your bump will start to expand significantly, so make sure you’re dressed appropriately.

Continue to look after your physique. This involves eating healthily, drinking enough water, and exercising on a regular basis.

Month 5

 Get your anomaly scan and ultrasound test done. These are crucial prenatal tests since they assure the health of your unborn child.

Decide if you will breastfeed or use a formula. If you want to breastfeed, educate yourself on the various breastfeeding positions and what to anticipate.

Month 6

Start thinking about your baby shower! This is a thrilling stage in every pregnancy. Collaborate with a group of close friends and family to create the ideal baby shower in your honour.

Look into daycare possibilities. Because the following several months are likely to fly by, researching daycare choices early will allow you to focus on other chores later. You want to be as prepared as possible for your new baby.

Begin thinking about a name for your kid! You’ve probably been doing this from the beginning, but now is the time to start discussing possible names with your spouse.

Pregnancy Checklists for the Third Trimester

You’re thinking about your baby all the time at this point. Your baby will be joining the family very soon, and you’re nearly there! Use the instructions in this third-trimester pregnancy checklist to tie up any loose ends.

Pregnancy checklists

7th month

Request baby hand-me-downs from friends and relatives. Friends and family members with older children may be able to lend you baby clothing, furnishings, and strollers.

Create a baby registry for your baby shower to inform friends and family about the products that will be most useful as you prepare for your baby’s birth.

This will allow you to share your experiences, obtain advise on childbearing, and meet new people.

Locate a reputable paediatrician. This will spare you the trouble of making several visits with different physicians once your child has arrived.

8th month

Have a wonderful baby shower! This should be a wonderful moment for you to connect with and rejoice with your loved ones.

Finish preparing the nursery or sleeping area for your baby. Your new baby will here before you know it!

Your baby’s clothing and linens should be washed. As a consequence, the textiles will be more pleasant for your infant, and it will be much simpler to do this work today.

9th month

Put together your hospital pack. In the hospital bag, bring items such as a change of clothing, toiletries, food, and mobile phone chargers.

Register with the hospital in advance. This will make checking into the hospital much simpler on the big day since all of the paperwork will have already been completed.

Relax and look forward to the big day! This is quite likely the most crucial thing you can do. Enjoy the latter stages of your pregnancy and anticipate how much love you’ll lavish on your child.

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