Every woman experiences some of the other kind of trickle from the vagina at some point in life. Generally after puberty,females experience having vaginal discharge. It is sticky, egg white like material, coming out of the vagina. Vaginal discharge is completely normal. Its consistency, color, amountand smell may change according to the time in your menstrual cycle, your pregnancy, ovulation or even sexually stimulation.

Dr.Chetna Jain is a renowned gynecologist in PalamVihar Gurgaon and tells us what the normal changes are in vaginal discharge and whatcolour changes are dangerous requiring prompt medical intervention at the best gynecologist hospital in Gurgaon.

 How does normal vaginal discharge look like?

online doctor consultationNormal vaginal discharge can be grayish, transparent or whitish. It has no smell and this is a sign of an absolutely healthy vagina. Vaginal discharge is nothing but the secretions of the minute glands present inside the vaginal wall. It is a mechanism by which vagina cleans itself and removes away the waste in the form of discharge. If you experience symptoms like it swelling, burning, itching or foul fishy odor you must meet your gynecologist immediately. The production of vaginal discharge can significantly increase during the middle of your menstrual cycle the time of ovulation and is not a sign to worry much. Vaginal discharge increases in amount when a woman is sexually aroused or pregnant.

A few alarming signs with regard to colour change which you can assess at home and decide whether to see a gynecologist for the problem are as follows-

Yellowish Green colored discharge-

gynecologist in PalamVihar GurgaonIt typically indicates vaginal infections or sexually transmitted infections caused by trichomonas causing trichomonas vaginalis. It is frothy in nature and has a foul smell. It is accompanied with burning while passing urine, itching on the outer lips of the vagina etc. Gonorrhea is also another disease which can be related to this colour of discharge

Brownish reddish or pinkish coloured discharge-

Before you begin with active bleeding during your perid, vaginal discharge can tend to be a little reddish to brownish which is considered absolutely healthy and normal. Reduced discharge is commonly seen towards the end of the period too. Spotting or bleeding other than your period is calledintermenstrual bleeding and often may present with pink discharge. The very beginning of pregnancy main mark a little reddish bleeding discharge called as the implantation bleeding. It is not a sign to be worried of. In the first trimester of your pregnancy sometimes the quantity of discharge is more along with bright red coloured discharge which may even indicate miscarriage.

Curdy white discharge-


It generally accompanies with a lot of itching and is indicative of infection or thrush. Thrush occurs when the yeast infection increases in the vagina. This requires gynecological guidance and can be treated by various antifungal drugs in the form of creams, medicines or pessaries.

Grey coloured discharge-

Bacterial vaginosis is the reason to have grey colour discharge. It is commonly seen when there is a change in the pH of the vagina. Usage of certain perfumes, cleansing agents& vaginal washes can lead to grey coloured discharge. This condition requires to be treated with antibacterial agents prescribed by an expert gynecologist.

Self-care tips-

A few home tips which you can follow to keep a healthy vaginal flora are –

  • Avoid excessive soaping down there.
  • Refrain from using perfumed products or vaginal deodorants
  • Clean your vagina every time after passing urine
  • Wear clean cotton underwear, avoid synthetics.
  • Practice safe sex.

You can also have an online doctor consultation for the same too.

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