Cosmetology has gained a whooping importance in this millennium. All body parts can be cosmetically rejuvenated right from your hair& face to your vagina!!!

Yes, you heard that right intimate female parts can now undergo vaginal rejuvenation which is completely safe and gynaecologically carried out.

ladies specialist doctor in GurgoanDr.Chetna Jain is a ladies specialist doctor in Gurgoan, catering her exclusive care in advanced aesthetics and cosmetics for vaginal health. She is one of the top gynecologist in Gurgaon and a Cosmetic gynecologist. She is trained to carry out procedures falling under the category of vaginal rejuvenation.

Many females opt for vaginal tightening after childbirth. It is mainly done to enjoy the sexual intimacy with their partners even after delivering a baby vaginally. One might think that it must require a lot of cuts and give you a lot of wounds but it is exactly the reverse case scenario. This treatment can be done with a non-surgical way too. Laser vaginal tightening has been considered as a breakthrough for all middle aged women facing laxity of the vaginal canal. As all the organs age, so does the vagina. Plus, the effects of hormones on it plays an important role in changing its tonicity. Normal vaginal discharge is mainly regulated by a hormone called as estrogen. As the level of estrogens in the body goes on depleting with age it causes vaginal drying, itching and burning. More number of deliveries also lead to expanding or stretching of the tissues and muscles in the vagina.

top gynecologist in GurgaonThis widening of vagina not only affect a woman physically but also takes a toll on her personal life and sexual relationships. The lady as well as well as her partner are unable to enjoy sexual intimacy to their fullest. This feminine need is not much discussed and is a hushed topic for many. But, it is a basic requirement for sustaining a healthy personal relationship. A very few females come out and discuss these problems openly, due to social shyness or taboos, with their gynecologist. We urge all the female suffering from this kind of problem to discuss it with their doctors via online fertility consultation in Gurgaon.

The procedure in short-

The best part of this treatment is that it can be an OPD based procedure without any hospital stay. Women undergoing this treatment, can walk into a cosmetic gynecological clinic, get this procedure done in about 15 to 30 minutes and go home again the very same day. The vagina is thoroughly cleaned before a pen like laser instrument is inserted into the vagina. High beam laser waves are emitted through it which acts on the tissues of the vaginal wall. Many women start feeling a difference after the first session itself but to experience the complete benefit out of this treatment minimum three sessions are recommended by the doctors.

Psychological benefit of this procedure-

online fertility consultation in GurgaonIt will boost up the confidence of any woman and make her believe that she too deserves to live a better sexual life. It can give her stability mentally and make her feel accepted after sexual intercourse.

Who is the ideal candidate to get this procedure done?

Any woman, who is 18 years and above and is sexually active can get this treatment done without the fear of any side effects. Studies have shown no effect on fertility after vaginal tightening.

What care can be taken at home after this procedure?

  • Avoid using harsh soaps and maintained at most vaginal hygiene.
  • Refrain from having sex for at least three days after the surgery that will reduce the probability of catching any infection.

Who should not go for this treatment?

Any person having vaginal infection or urine infection is not advised to undergo this therapy. The infection is first treated and then the patient can undergo vaginal tightening procedure safely.

Author: Dr. Chetna Jain

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